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Consultancy Services

Scotts Consultancy offers independent advice, guidance and training to businesses and other organisations, helping clients get the most out of their investment in Information Technology.

Set out below are some typical situations in which our services are beneficial to clients . We adapt our services to the needs of each client, so if your circumstances do not match the examples we are still keen and able to help.

Do you have doubts whether your organisation is making effective use of its business and accounting software and other IT facilities?
We can help by performing a quick initial review. This looks at how well the business operations and information requirements are being met. The outcome provides a basis for planning how to proceed and make improvements.

You might already be considering changing the business and accounting software used in your business or organisation. We can help with guidance on selecting suitable software from the many options available.

Once new software has been chosen the crucial implementation phase begins and we can help guide your business through the key steps such as, planning the changeover, software set up, analysis coding and reporting set up and organising user training.

Many businesses find getting useful information out of their systems time consuming and frustrating, often resorting to extensive use of spreadsheets to extract and present information. This area is one of our particular specialisms based on a combination of accounting and IT skills. We can help by reviewing the reporting and information requirements of the business and then helping develop timely ways to access useful information.

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